Coming together is a beginning;
keeping together is progress;
working together is success. Author - Henry Ford

It's impossible to do good work without teamwork; we are a small bunch of people who are packed with a crazy amount of skills.OOK creates a culture where we believe that People are NOT a resource. People are Talent; and as an Organization we are there to find expression that Latent Potential. Experience matters but not as a number. We are building an Experiential Organization. People in our organization are the one who serve the purpose of building unique Platform / Product.

Amook Vandan
Founder & Director
Information Architect
Indresh Kumar
Information Architect
Rajeev Verma
Advisory Director
Data Analyst
Girish Saini
Creative Instigator
Shymal Bhattacharya
Wordsmith Consultants
Build Breaker Extraordinaire
Ankit Jain
Ambassador of Buzz
Kulbir Singh
Crayon Evangelist
Dhiraj Srivastva
Imagination Interpreter
Satish Aggrwal
Head of Talent Acquisition
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